Progression in Running

When the results stop rolling in…

Progression in Running – When the results stop rolling in…


So, you’ve run a 5k, maybe a 10k or even a half but it’s all got a bit boring. No new PBS, a few niggles and you are not sure what to do except run when you can remember to do so, and occasionally enter a race to give you a bit of a target.

What’s next? Carry on plodding?

Here’s my top tips to get you back on form:

  • Reset your mission – Is it to keep fit, loose weight, have time for yourself, personal goals, or just time away from the house alone or to meet your running buddies! Why do you run?
  • Add in cross training – I don’t mean go for a gentle cycle (although this can be fab!) but make you are doing some kind of strength training programme with drills!
  • Remember the 5 components of fitness? You don’t need a gym when we have the world of knowledge out there within our own running clubs, coaches and you tube videos! Consider which one are you missing or lacking and base your cross training / sessions on your weakness.
    • Endurance
    • Speed
    • Strength
    • Flexibility
    • Coordination
  • Think about your training over the period of 2 weeks. What do they include? You need some speed work, some long slow runs where heart rate is roughly below 70% (conversational pace!), some hill work, intervals, and so on. But the focus should be on building and maintaining fitness, not just all out sessions!
  • Remember what hard training felt like? Remember how you ached after a hard session or those lungs were really burning but you kept going to finish your session. Make sure you recreate that feeling in some sessions by mixing up your training plan.
  • Set a different goal – A longer distance, a different type of race, a time for a set distance, reduce injury, improve form or just getting some more park runs under your belt. It’s your goal and you need to want to achieve it.
  • Give yourself time – results and improvements take time but if you put in the consistent effort, the outcomes will get there!


If your training isn’t changing your running, then change your training.


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